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Centralized Tools For a Decentralized World

Rewriting DeFi trading rules. We bring the sophisticated tools of centralized exchanges into the decentralized world, empowering you to trade with precision, control, and ease. We're not just an app - we're the revolution. Welcome to smarter, stress-free trading.

Tradix Stress Free

Stress-Free Trading

With Tradix, you don't have to worry about missing a profitable trade or minimizing a loss. Our platform provides real-time insights and automated order execution, allowing you to focus on your strategy rather than constantly monitoring the market. This leads to a smoother and less stressful trading experience.

Tradix Decision Making

Empowered Decision-Making

We equip you with advanced tools previously available only in centralized exchanges, now in the DeFi space. Our platform empowers you to make intelligent trading decisions, boosting your potential for higher returns and greater profits.

Tradix Finger Tips

Control at Your Fingertips

Maintain control over your crypto investments. Set your buy/sell orders according to your trading strategy and let Tradix take care of the rest. This results in an enhanced sense of control over your trades, improved strategy execution, and an overall elevated trading experience.

Features that Fuel Your Success

Real-time Notifications

Information is power, In the rapidly changing world of DeFi trading. That's why Tradix has developed a Real-Time Notifications feature, designed to keep you in the know, no matter where you are. The moment a significant movement occurs - be it a price change, a reached price target, or a market fluctuation - you'll receive an immediate alert.

Tradix Stay Ahead

Stay Ahead: Get instant alerts to never miss out on market shifts.

Tradix Trade Smarter

Trade Smarter: Let real-time data inform your decisions and optimize profits.

Tradix Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind: Let Tradix monitor the market 24/7, even while you rest.

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Advanced Automation

Traders must stay agile and responsive when trading in the DeFi markets. To this end, Tradix offers Advanced Automations. This feature acts as your vigilant assistant, executing stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop orders based on your predefined conditions. With Tradix's automations, you effectively set your trading strategy on autopilot, ensuring you're always ready to respond to market fluctuations.

Tradix Profits

Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses: Automate trading to secure gains and limit potential losses.

Tradix Participation

24/7 Market Participation: Keep trading, even when you're not, thanks to advanced automations.

Tradix Emotional Trading

Reduce Emotional Trading: Automate for more rational, consistent decisions.

Tradix Automation Mock Up

Trade Tracker

Keeping track of your trades is essential. And, Tradix's Trade Tracker feature enables you to effortlessly follow your trading activity across various cryptocurrencies, wallets, exchanges, and blockchains. It presents a comprehensive view of your trading history and current holdings in one organized dashboard, simplifying your tracking process.

Tradix Portfolio Management

Simplified Portfolio Management: Clear overview of trades for easy portfolio management.

Tradix Decision Making

Informed Decision Making: Access past transactions and current holdings for better strategy analysis.

Tradix Time Efficiency

Time Efficiency: All trade data in one place, saving you time for strategizing.

Tradix Tracker Mockup

Introducing Plutus

We have engineered an Ai powered Crypto Sniper that allows traders to set pre and post orders right before or after liquidity is added on the Binance and Ethereium Platform.

Sniper Bot
Tradix Profits

Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses: Automate trading to secure gains and limit potential losses right from Telegram.

Tradix Participation

Snipe with confience: We use encrypted servers to automate all of your trades. This simply means we never save your keys and scramble all requests.

Tradix Emotional Trading

Set buy and sell order automatically: let Tradix Sniper bot execute your trades without ever looking at the charts.

Let’s get started!

Sign Up

Kickstart your trading journey. Download the FREE Tradix app from the App Store or Google Play Store. It's straightforward - just a few taps to install. Once downloaded, open up the app, input your details, verify your account, and voila! You're ready for the next level of crypto trading.

Set Your Alerts

Never miss a trading opportunity again with our alert feature. Just select your chosen cryptocurrency, specify your target price, and let us do the rest. When the price hits your target, we'll let you know. It's trading made easy! Tradix alerts are and will always be FREE.

Start Automations

Dive into our Advanced Automations feature. You'll find all you need to set stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop orders. It's your trading strategy, streamlined and on autopilot. Set your parameters, confirm your settings, and sit back - Tradix will take it from there.

With a minimal trading fee of just 0.99% per trade, (distributed to Tradix holders) you can unlock the full potential of automated trading. This simple, transparent fee structure gives you an incredible edge, allowing Tradix to work seamlessly for you, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Empowered by Tradix Engineering

Testimonials from Our Global Community

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Tradix provides me a sense of peace as I no longer have to constantly monitor DEX's and prices. I simply set up transactions with my desired profit margin and know that I'm protected from losses during off-screen hours.


Tradix Testimonial background1
I've been around the DeFi block, tried a bunch of platforms, but nothing comes close to Tradix. Their app keeps me in the loop, and the advanced automations are sick. Trading has never been this chill.


Tradix Testimonial background2
Before TRADIX, I would be constantly glued to my computer . Unfortunately my luck ,I have to sleep. Only to wake up and be incredibly disappointed.
Not any more, TRADIX monitors my Crypto 24/7 , IT'S like having big financial firm working for me.


Tradix Testimonial background3
Want the secret sauce to trading in DeFi? It's Tradix, no doubt. The real-time alerts and advanced automations are pure genius. Trading crypto without this app would be like surfing without a board.


Tradix Testimonial background3
Tradix is a great app. I’ve used it to setup some limit sell orders recently. What I can say is that it’s very simple and easy to use and the team/dev is very helpful!


Tradix Testimonial background1
No matter how good a project looked, I kept on getting rekt with the dramatic price fluctuations in every trade I did.   I was about to leave crypto until I found Tradix.  They have built the most incredible technology to answer crypto’s biggest problem

Ben Marks

Tradix Testimonial background3
Tradix is a game-changer, hands down. It's got everything - real-time alerts, advanced automations... it's pretty much trading on steroids. If you're not on Tradix, you're seriously missing out on some rad crypto moves.


Tradix Testimonial background2
FOMO is a thing of the past since I found Tradix. Real-time alerts mean I'm always in the know, and advanced automations make trading a breeze. I seriously can't imagine the crypto scene without it.

XRT Karin

Tradix Testimonial background3
There is no better tool in DeFi to maximize your gains, and minimize your losses than the TradiX app. Don't ape DeFi without it!

Common Sense

Power Behind the Platform: Tradix Tokenomics

Understanding our tokenomics can unlock insights into the mechanisms of token supply, demand, and overall utility in the Tradix ecosystem, ultimately enhancing your trading strategy and success

Tradix Contract


Tradix Supply

Supply Allocation

Total supply: 100000000

Tradix Tax


Dev: 1.5%
Growth: 1%
Funding Group: 0.5%

Tradix Lock


LIquidity locked
for 1 Year.

Token Staking and NFT

Tradix token and NFT staking offers a way for holders to earn passive income. This income is generated from the fees collected from using Tradix products. You can stake and unstake at any time. Passive income rewards are automatically sent to stakers through the Tradix advanced, auto-split smart contract system as rewards accumulate. You can claim your current rewards in your account at any time.

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